About Property Aid

Property Aid is a home management services company specializing in Home Maintenance and care of property.  My wife and I have owned over 15 homes, including vacation homes, long term and short-term rentals.  I learned through proper routine maintenance, a home is safer,  the chances of greater problems occurring are reduced, appliance life can be extended and utility bills lowered saving us money.

I developed a detailed maintenance checklist to ensure a home is well cared for and safe.  Providing Property Aid services to our aging population, busy families and individuals gives us an opportunity to aid others in the care of their property and contribute effectively to their lives.  Home Maintenance Care Plans are built to meet your needs and budget!

Property Aid offers five main services that can be adapted to your requirements:

1.  Home Maintenance Service

2.  Handyman and Specialized Service

3.  Senior Home Maintenance Service

4.  Rental Property Maintenance Service

5.  Home Watch Service

If you're not completely satisfied with the services performed by Property Aid or one of our service partner's we will do our best to make it right.